Welcome to Mum’s Revolution!

First of all, I would like to thank you for landing on my site and considering to read my content. I hope you find some useful advice and comfort in the real stories of parenting around mental health. Secondly, this blog is dedicated to a bunch of gorgeous and hilarious mummas who adopted me into their group, for whom without knowing I fear I might be a lost parenting soul. I would also like to thank This Brighton Mum for all her support and friendship over the years, she always knows what to do in any situation!

Mum’s Revolution

This blog is aimed at putting parents and their health first, making sure that as individuals we are creating a space for ourselves where we can act from a place self-love and care to prioritise our mental health daily. It’s imperative for us to do this in order to be the best version of ourselves that we want to be and wish our children to see. Happiness fundamentally starts from within and that’s something we should embody and help to nurture and grow.

In order to be this best version of yourself that you envisage, practising self-awareness and empathy towards your own mindset is key. The happier and healthier you are the more you can share and experience with those you love, and that has to start with you creating a lifestyle that fits you and your family but places your health solely first.

We now know that children from the age of birth to around 7 years old create their blueprint of life. Everything they believe about themselves and the world around them is formed in these crucial years. This includes their internal voice, self-confidence, self-worth and their views on current environments and people around them. As children learn from and mimic their primary caregivers it’s important to honour these years with the most positive and influential versions of ourselves that we can provide for them.

It’s a very empowering message to send to our children that in order to be truly happy in life this must start with yourself. Being self-aware and mindful of our own needs and wants in this time where digital profiling is so relevant, it’s important as parents to strip back these perceptions for our children. If we can teach them the importance of self-love and care from ourselves as early as they can comprehend, then I believe this will have a long-lasting positive result on their mental health.

As well as having a healthy mindset we need to also look at how we are fuelling this and our sleep-deprived bodies. It’s essential to have the right nutrients and minerals to convert into energy and healthy brain functionality. This should then get us into the right frame of body in order to look after the mind. I will be exploring foods that can be incorporated into very quick and easy recipes that aid anxiety, depression and energy.

Being an individual who has suffered a long history of mental illness I have done a lot of work on this particular subject over the past 6 years, and what I have put into practice has worked really well for me as an alternative to Doctors appointments and medications. However, as a new parent, a lot of that has taken a back seat and I am now working on putting this in primary position again so that I can be the best version of myself for me and my family.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you all and hopefully sharing some tips and tricks that will help you too.

I hope you enjoy!

Lydia x