No Tears spilled over this Milk

Let’s face it, teething is horrendous! It feels like you’re on a one way trip to a less than desirable destination. It’s an endless list of trial and errors, constant dribble and nighttime scream fests. Not to mention trying to tackle that Calpol syringe into your child’s face, it’s like going through the recruitment process for the SAS but without all the lovely fit blokes. It isn’t easy parenting and everytime your child hits a new magical milestone it seems to come with its very own new pain point. I have to say teething so far is the WORST! It’s a slow, agonizing process for all involved and you can’t get mad because no one is forcing this situation on the other it just is what it is and you have to just ride it out. Oh, happy days!

If you’re like any sleep-deprived parent all you want ultimately is to see your child sleep and hopefully squeeze some in yourself. Although I must say once my Sons bottom two teeth came through I was way over excited and proud of him, I definitely did a high 5 and the toothy peg dance. I know when the next two come in it will be a hallelujah moment of pride and joy until heartbreakingly the next set makes their way down. And until my son’s gummy smile is filled with those precious little pearly whites we are on teething watch 24/7. And we all know the signs to look for. Fire engine red cheeks, explosive poonamis, redraw rashes and your child using you as a human teether which is always lovely and totally not painful at all (Jokes)! However trying to find the right teething paraphernalia can be a minefield, especially when you don’t have the time to research every tiny detail or have the spare pennies to be purchasing the latest trends. This for me has been a constant worry over the last few months and an extra headache I could have done without.

Queue Fred & Noah and all hail their milky white heavenly teether. First of all, let’s all just stop and take a moment to appreciate that it’s a tiny milk bottle, I mean come on could that be any cuter? Second of all, it is so stylish that you can team this with any outfit for a chic look, need I say more? Besides the beautiful aesthetics of this teether which I genuinely love, its practicalities have proven to be bountiful. As a Mother, I am always looking for teething products that are BPA free. This really is an important element for me as I want to know what Max is putting in his mouth is chemical free. So I was really pleased to see this was one of the first items that had been listed on the packaging. This teether is also dishwasher and sterilizer safe which is Bible in our house. Both appliances are on constantly, anything that can be added to this routine is worthwhile having in your parent kit bag. I mean who has the time to be hand washing items that pretty much live on the floor? I certainly do not and as we’re planning for baby numero 2 it means there will be even less time for said washing up, so this is a massive bonus for us. The design of this teether means that Max can grip his fingers easily around the handle and safely jam the bottle in to face before working out that it’s meant for his mouth. Once he does get it to the right destination the milk top fits perfectly in there for him to gnaw on all day long. The exterior is really smooth on one side and raised on the other which is perfect for rubbing against those aggravated little gums. And as this is made from Silicon it’s both flexible and at the same time durable, so no matter how many times it gets launched it comes back in one lovely untouched piece. I have to say honestly out of all the teethers Max has accumulated this particular one has absolutely stood the test of time and has proven to be a hit, he constantly has this on go and enjoys playing with its different elements. It’s also light and compact which makes it a joy to pack up and pop in your nappy bag and it doesn’t take up any precious space. I believe this is due to the design being carefully thought out by a beautiful couple who know exactly what children need and clearly know how to make it sing with style for us parents. This teether comes in at a small cost of £9.99 which is more than reasonable in today’s overly competitive market. Personally, I like the fact that it is white, being an anxious parent it’s good for me to be able to spot any dirt that can be easily wiped off before giving it back to Max. You can add this to the freezer to get it nice and cold for the gums. I am also for a huge supporter of local businesses so I am over the moon that Max is in favour of this teether out of his collection! For us, it’s an absolute no-brainer, this little bottle is fully loaded with all our teething needs and has totally won our hearts and fashion conscious minds.

Not only are Fred & Noahs creative duo teether connoisseurs, they also make absolutely beautiful, one of a kind luxury clothing items for boys and girls ages 0-6 years. So if you haven’t already checked out their chic, unique and stylish site then please make sure you do as you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Please message me if you require any further information on this beautiful product.


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