Apple Pie Over Night oats

Oats are an amazing source of energy as we know, but they also have high levels of magnesium which is great for mental health. I try and have an oat-based breakfast most days, mainly because running around after a one-year-old it isn’t always easy so I need the energy. Doing overnight oats are so ridiculously easy that I just throw together the ingredients the night before when i’m making dinner and then it’s done and forgotten about until I get my Sons breakfast ready.

Apple Pie oats were born from throwing leftover ingredients together that needed to be used up, like the majority of my recipes but it turned out to be so yummy I had to share them.


A handful of Organic Oats

Tablespoon of flax and chia seeds

Half an apple chopped into small cubes

A small handful of Sultanas

A drizzle of raw honey

2 Tablespoons of greek yoghurt

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

Oat Milk, I just fill to where the ingredients stop



Throw it all into a container, mix, leave to set overnight in the fridge and enjoy.



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