I would like to think that I have come a really long way over the years in dealing with my mental health issues. This hasn’t come without research, disciplined hard work and a commitment to myself. I have been lucky enough to find and work with influential professionals who have not only challenged my thinking but have educated me on specific paths that have worked really well in my favour. As a personal thank you for their positive input in my life I wanted to share who these special people are in hope that they might help someone else via this platform.

Debbie Spellman

Coach | Entrepreneur | Lifestyle Blogger | Philanthropist

Debbie is one the most respectful, professional, female entrepreneurs that I have been lucky enough to meet since I started my wellness journey 6 years ago. I have taken several of Debbie’s courses and all of them have proven to be invaluable to my progression. My self-worth and sense of pride have definitely been reinstated after joining Debbie’s community. The way that she nurtures her clients to get the best results out of them is all done from a place of love and care, which makes you feel confident in facing some of the realities of self-sabotage and denial. Debbie is based in Sydney, Australia, however, all of her online courses are accessible for GMT clients. If you are looking to build your self confidence, gain your self worth and shroud yourself in love then I can not recommend Debbie enough. 

Ana Sofia

Mindfulness Coach

Ana is another wonderful female entrepreneur that I have had the pleasure of working with online, she is based in Sweden but is accessible for GMT clients. I have worked with Ana on becoming more mindful in not only my approach to my anxiety but in all aspects and situations of everyday life. She has taught me the art gratitude and grace which has made a huge impact on my outlook on life critical decision making. She is a wonderful soul who only seeks to find the good in people’s hearts and minds. If you want to clear your mind and be a thankful soul Ana is the lady for you 


I never thought I would see the day when I used mediation as a tool for my anxiety. I always associated meditation with 70’s style hippies and yogies (nothing wrong with either, just wasn’t my ideal). However when I couldn’t get my mind straight and wasn’t sleeping I decided that it was at least worth a go. I stumbled across my headspace and tried the first 10 days free option. The first time I attempted this I don’t think I was open to it’s possibilities and gave up after day 2. A few months later my anxiety was rife and I decided that if meditation could work it would probably need a lot longer than 2 days to have any affect. I went back and completed the full 10 days and decided I wanted to the membership. Andy and his team have a very modern take on meditation and explain the complexities in such and easy manor that it was easy for me to understand and get a grip on the situation. I don’t always get to meditate everyday but when I can it helps me so much that I am really grateful for this platform. There is a grace period of 10 free days, I strongly suggest trying this as it is a gradual incline in learning. If you didn’t want membership after you will still have gained a very insightful introduction.

Body Image positivey

Body Posipanda

Body image positivity is such an important and relevant issue, especially in an age where images are everything and life is viral. Megan (posi panda) has such a beautiful, healthy and realistic view on how we should be treating ourselves that I think it’s imperative to share her message. I whole heartedly agree with her that no matter how we look we need to be happy on the inside and love ourselves regardless. As women who have carried and delivered children, our bodies change and having a healthy mindset around this is key. We should not be ashamed at how our bodies have come to be but embrace what they have been capable of doing. Growing and caring for a tiny human is absolutely incredible and one of life’s miracles that we should celebrate ourselves for. However it isn’t easy to always see this especially on no sleep and time poor diets. Please check her out, she is amazing and will leave you feeling super fly loved up with yourself. 

Connecting Parents 


Amazing Instagram Mama shellandthelittlies is creating crucial social support on Instagram to connect parents. It’s a tough gig being a primary care giver and it can be an extremely isolating experience for some of us. #asmilemakesaday is all about connecting parents, sharing a smile and letting them know that they are not alone. It’s vital in this parenting community that we show eachother support and kindness that we deserve and value. Please show your support by following shellandthelittlies and her campaign #asmilemakesaday.